Using Facebook Contests to Grow Your Business

Looking for the perfect opportunity to promote your business and increase your presence on Facebook? You might want to consider running a Facebook contest. Facebook contests provide a creative and effective way to increase brand awareness and grow your likes, which in turn can increase traffic to your website.

How do I begin?

Facebook has created a set of guidelines that you must adhere to in order to run a contest. The single most important rule when running a Facebook contest is that you must run the contest through a third party application. We like to use Woobox! Running a contest directly through Facebook is prohibited and can result in termination of your Facebook page altogether. It is in this third party platform that you can set up the details of your contest, including a timeline, prize information and the Official Rules. Promotions that are run through Facebook need to have a clear set of terms and rules visible to entrants. It is very important that you don’t leave anything out when writing your rules, such as information about how to enter, what you are offering, how the winner will get the prize, and who can enter the contest. For more information about the official contest rules, check out Facebook’s contest guidelines. If all else fails and you are still unsure whether or not your contest rules meet the Facebook regulations, consult with an attorney to be safe.

What should I give away?

Now that you have set up your contest, you will have to choose a prize. A successful contest will be both entertaining and relevant to your business. With so many businesses on Facebook competing for the interest of fans, you must choose something that will set you apart from your competitors. If users aren’t entertained or interested, they are less likely to interact or participate. When it comes to selecting a prize, you will want to give away something that has to do with your business. Otherwise, Facebook users are likely to like your page, enter the contest, and then unlike the page once the contest over. The point of increasing likes on Facebook is to increase potential customers. You want to make sure you are attracting the right crowd!

Remember to run the contest long enough that word can spread. With a decent amount of time, more and more people will get word of the contest or see their friends on Facebook interacting with your page.  Another good rule of thumb is to make sure the barrier to entry isn’t extremely high. The more the user has to do to enter the contest, the fewer entrants you are likely to get. That being said, the value of the prize should go hand in hand with how difficult it is to enter the contest.

The most important thing to remember about using social media is that interaction is key. This is not a platform for broadcasting. Be sure to promote your business! To truly see value in a Facebook contest, you must interact with your fans on a daily basis.  Although the rules and guidelines for running a Facebook contest seem strict, they are just a small price to pay to gain new fans and potential customers!