Creating a Customized Pay-Per-Click Strategy

For pay-per-click campaigns, there is no one size fits all. If a competitor’s ads are showing for your search terms or you want to get the word out about your new product, it can be tempting to start running ads as soon as you possibly can. After all, pay-per-click advertising can provide immediate results; however, the best results are achieved by creating a customized strategy that fits your industry and objectives.

At Full Media we meet with each client to learn about their business goals before writing any ads. For example, if you are a medical practice, you may want to build awareness about your new urgent care location, a new procedure you’re offering, or maybe you simply want more patients to fill out your contact form. Each one of these objectives will require a different PPC strategy.

Before you start your campaign here are five questions to ask:

  1. What much is a lead worth to you?
  • How much does one lead cost you? If one out of five people who visit your website become a customer, what is your profit? This will help determine how much to bid on certain words. In the medical industry, many people are only searching for information and may not need any medical care. It would be more cost effective to bid on words indicating the patient has the information they need and want to find a physician.
  1. Are there any seasonal trends?
  • Is there a seasonality to your industry? This will help you decide what times of the year to increase or decrease spending. If you are a primary care physician you may want to spend more on your flu ads in the winter than other seasons.
  1. Is your service location specific?
  • Is your business relevant to a certain geographic area? If you are a neurosurgeon patients may be traveling from out of state to receive your specialized care; however, if you are an urgent care physician patients may only be willing to travel 10 miles to receive care. To be cost effective your ads should targeted to those that could actually become patients.
  1. What is the competitive landscape?
  • How saturated is the Internet for your business? How many monthly searches are there for your core service? You may need a different budget if you are a primary care doctor rather than an otolaryngologist.
  1. How long is your buying cycle?
  • How long does it take someone to buy after learning about your product? Are people just learning about your service or are they already educated? This helps determine where to would not make sense to send them to a specific treatment option page.

All of these questions will help you determine your budget, your ads and where to send the people who click on them. As with any marketing, the ultimate goal is to grow your business.  PPC can be a great way to accomplish your goals with measurable results, but always start with a strategy to ensure your campaign is profitable.  

Our Full Media team specializes in pay-per-click campaign management. Learn more about our PPC management services or contact us for more information.