Tom Graves launches new congressional campaign website

Full Media is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Tom Graves’ campaign for U.S. Congress. “Knowing how quickly a congressional campaign moves and how important it is for a campaign to get immediate and accurate information out to its supporters and prospective voters, we were extremely excited when Tom approached us about developing their campaign website,” said Full Media CEO, Kris Nordholz. “Tom has developed a reputation as one of the top conservative leaders in the Georgia House of Representatives, and we are thrilled to support his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives.”

When the Graves’ campaign approached Full Media, they were obviously interested in developing a great looking website. But just as importantly, they wanted a website that could serve as the central place for current and potential supporters to learn more about Tom, his family and his stance on the issues, while also getting up to the minute information about the operations of the campaign itself.

“When we originally talked to Tom and his staff, we realized that this should be more than just another campaign website with bios and photos of the candidate,” added Nordholz. “We saw this almost as a news website, where people could come get current information about the election, Tom’s campaign and where things were going. That obviously precipitated us building in a lot of content management functionality, so that Tom, his staff and their volunteers could quickly and easily add content, photos, social media updates and videos to the site without being dependent on a web company to do it for them. We wanted the site to be a living, breathing part of Tom’s campaign for Congress, and we are really excited about how the campaign has embraced this on a day to day basis.”