The Next Right Thing

In today's world with so much complexity and so many moving parts, it is easy to become paralyzed by all of the things we could (and maybe “should”) be doing.

Imagine how great your marriage could be in 10 years. Now list everything you should do between now and then to get you there. Imagine how great your business could be in 10 years. Now imagine all the marketing programs you should start, all the people you should hire or all the products you should develop to ensure that your business becomes all it can be.

Pretty overwhelming, huh?

But instead of dealing with all of that complexity, what if we just did the next right thing?

Call your wife and tell her how you feel…right now. Return that client’s email and answer her question the best way you know how…right now.

Go on a date with your spouse Friday night and leave what happens 3 years from now for later. Decide what you can do to better support the people who currently work for you now and try not to obsess over who you should hire and when 5 years from now.

I’m not saying that planning is bad. Planning is good and having a vision for where you want to go is even better. But the truth is that a million things that you could never plan on are going to pop up. Deal with them when they do. And for now, just do the next right thing. 

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By Kris Nordholz

Chief Executive Officer
As CEO of Full Media, Kris brings vast experience rarely seen in the field of Internet marketing. Prior to spending five years as an executive in the Internet marketing industry, Kris spent the early part of his career in venture capital, investment banking and private sector operations. With his background in corporate finance, operations, marketing and project management, Kris has helped create a culture focused on consistently delivering the highest quality products and an exceptional experience for an affordable price to all Full Media clients.