September Quarterly Day of Service

Our most recently Quarterly Day of Service allowed us to serve alongside different organizations in three different states!

In Chattanooga, our team helped sort and organize books at the Chattanooga Public Library and supported their mission of being a catalyst for lifelong learning. The Library has been serving the Chattanooga community since 1905.

Chattanooga Quarterly Day of Service

Our Greenville team helped make flyers for the Greenville Library’s membership drive. The funds from their ongoing memberships help to keep world-class technology and free resources available to the Greenville community.

Greenville Quarterly Day of Service

Our Gainesville team helped prepare food at the Atlanta Mission, which is the city’s largest and longest running provider of services to homeless men, women and children. More than 950 people receive food, shelter and other forms of assistance from the shelter daily.

Gainesville Quarterly Day of Service

In Atlanta, our team helped sort books at the warehouse for Books for Africa so that they'd be ready to package and ship to students in Africa. The organization has one simple mission: to end the book famine in Africa.

Atlanta Quarterly Day of Service

Thank you to each of these organizations for allowing our team to serve alongside them!