ReadySites FAQs

What is a ReadySite?

ReadySites are websites that are built from a collection of pre-designed layouts. It’s not a DIY website. Once you purchase your ReadySite, our designers customize the colors and logos to fit your brand. Then, the website is ready for your customers!


Who is Full Media?

Full Media is an Internet marketing and website design company with nine years of experience helping small to mid-sized organizations grow their business online. Our team takes a collaborative and relationship-focused approach to each project, bringing a wealth of experience to the table while focusing on ultimately making a positive impact on each client.

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What features will I get with my ReadySite?

ReadySites come with many of the features and benefits you’d expect with a professional website. Visit the ReadySites page to see the main features included.


What if I want more extensive features or customization?

We have built ReadySites so that you have options. If you need additional features or customization, we can build that into your ReadySite at an additional cost. Tell us what you need and we will get you a quote. ReadySites have the ability to grow with your company.


Who makes my ReadySite?

ReadySites are made by Full Media’s talented team of designers and developers.


How much do ReadySites cost?

$500 one-time purchase + monthly hosting & support


What CMS (content management system) are the ReadySites built on?

FullPanel is a CMS we created with business owners in mind. We designed our CMS to be easy to use so that you never need to rely on a website company to make simple edits for you. 


How many pages can I add?

Unlike other website services, ReadySites can have as many pages as you want. There is no limit.


Do I get to choose my own domain?

Yes! You will be responsible for purchasing your own domain. Once you give us access to your domain, we will build your ReadySite on it.


How long will it take to get my website?

Typically, your ReadySite will be live within 4 – 6 weeks of purchase.


How do I get started?

Get in touch with us and we’ll reach out to you shortly. Once we learn a little more about your business, we can help you choose the best ReadySite option for you.


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