The Business:  Kwik-Loan is a web-based lending software that is designed and built exclusively for direct and indirect consumer loan origination and servicing. Their software serves to automate and integrate every aspect of a business into one software solution and a single, centralized database. Kwik-Loan give small and mid-sized lending organizations access to tools that were previously only available to the nation’s largest loan companies.
The Goals:  The Full Media team was asked to communicate the unique benefits of the Kwik-Loan software system to produce viable sales leads. As the software has reached new levels of sophistication and flexibility, it is critical to convey its competitive advantages to potential consumers.
The Strategy:  Using an extensive keyword research and keyword phrase targeting program, Full Media set out to use the power of search engines to find and cultivate new leads for Kwik-Loan’s software offerings. Harnessing the effectiveness of long-tail, ultra-specific searches, the Full Media team has been able to produce a consistent stream of highly qualified contacts for Kwik-Loan’s internal sales team. The Kwik-Loan suite of lending tools is highly adaptable to most lending businesses and implementations, and by capturing search traffic from the around the world, has given the company ample sales opportunity across a wide array of related search terms.

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