Meet Anthony.

This year our Director of Production, Anthony Defoor, took the idea of community service to a whole new level.

Anthony (pictured far left) has committed himself to focusing on the needs of others in an entirely unique arena as an active member of the Habersham County Fire Department. His duties with the fire department allow him the ability to serve his local community in not only fighting fires, but through commitment to a team that demands precision, dependability, focus and a high level of service – traits he also finds on his team at Full Media.

When asked about his involvement with the fire department, Anthony said, “Much like my experiences with Full Media, I have the incredible opportunity to help others while also knowing the work we put in as a team has made a difference in someone’s life.”

As Director of Production, Anthony Defoor is responsible for overseeing the design and technical production departments at Full Media. With years of experience engineering web-based software and content management tools, he has allowed Full Media to enhance their customer service capabilities, while also improving the overall functionality of their entire suite of content management tools.

In his free time, Anthony enjoys CrossFit, running, cheering for the Atlanta Braves and Falcons, and spending time with his family Lori, Kinley and Amber.

By Maggie Hodges