Massey & Bowers Site Launch

One of Georgia’s top lobbying and government procurement firms has decided to take their message online. Headed by former Democratic Secretary of State Lewis Massey and longtime Republican strategist Bruce Bowers, Massey & Bowers is a governmental relations firm that specializes in representing companies who need to lobby the legislative or executive branches of Georgia government or who would like to do business with state or city governments in Georgia.

In an effort to further expand their client base, which already consists of companies from almost every imaginable industry, Massey & Bowers recently partnered with FullMedia, an internet marketing firm that specializes in helping their clients use technology, and specifically the internet, to drive more business. FullMedia developed a new Massey & Bowers website and has begun a search engine optimization campaign aimed at attracting those potential clients who are already looking for lobbying and government procurement services in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

“We have known Lewis and Bruce for years, and know firsthand why they have earned the reputation as a firm that is not only incredibly knowledgeable and experienced but also a firm that operates with a great deal of integrity,” said FullMedia CEO, Kris Nordholz. “The world of state politics and government can be very intimidating to most people, and Massey & Bowers is one of the best at helping their clients navigate through this environment. We were honored that they asked us to help them better tell their story online.” If you would like to learn more about how a professional internet marketing firm can help you grow your business online, please contact us.