Full Media is Lending a Hand for the Development of the Kwik-Loan Website

Kwik-Loan is a total web solution designed for customer-finance, payday and other lending organizations targeting the small loan consumer. Organizations looking for financial services would benefit by adopting this “all-in-one” product by Kwik-Loan.

The product features six deliverables for their customers. They include Kwik-Site, Kwik-App, Kwik-Decision, Kwik-Manage, Kwik-Connect, and Kwik-Inquiry. This software allows Kwik-Loan clients the ability to create their own website as well as allow their customers to apply and manage account information. It is a one stop shop for financial services.

The Kwik-Loan suite of tools has been developed for any loan originator needing to take applications from borrowers or dealers. This could include:

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