Full Media Staff To Help Area Families

With the holiday season underway, Full Media, a full-service internet marketing firm headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia, is reaching out to its local communities to provide a helping hand.

As part of their quarterly day of community service, Full Media staff from both the Gainesville, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee, offices will participate in Christmas shopping for families served by Challenged Child & Friends, a Northeast Georgia non-profit.

As an organization centered on caring for children with disabilities, Challenged Child & Friends aims to provide high quality educational, therapeutic, nursing and family support services to these children and their families in an integrated environment.

“Our company holds an unwavering commitment to service – both as it relates to our customers and also to our community,” said Kris Nordholz, CEO of Full Media.

He added, “We are privileged to have the opportunity to assist such a worthwhile organization. They give so much back to North Georgia communities, and Full Media is proud to support Challenged Child & Friends and families in need during the holiday season.”

By Maggie Hodges