Full Media Opens New Office in Chattanooga

With a goal of providing the highest level of customer service and client experience in the industry, Full Media opened its newest office in Chattanooga, Tennessee on January 1, 2010. “Obviously, the internet now allows people to transcend geographic boundaries when it comes to doing business,” said Full Media President, Davis White. “In fact, a large part of what we do is helping our clients better serve their clients through more effective use of the internet and technology. But we also understand that people still value personal relationships, and we feel that geographic proximity can help us better know and serve our clients.”

Chattanooga, Tennessee is Full Media’s second office, and the company has plans to expand into new geographic markets in the coming years. “We have clients all over the country and have been fortunate to build strong relationships with many of those people over the telephone and through the internet,” said White. “But we are eager to establish a geographic footprint in markets around the country, because we feel that this will help us know our clients and the communities in which they live even better.”