Full Media Launches Floorganics

As environmental awareness continues to increase, many consumers are looking for "green" products that they can use in their homes. Now they can find all natural carpets at Floorganics, the new standard in environmentally sustainable soft surface flooring. Made with 100% natural materials, Floorganics uses no dyes, chemicals, or synthetics of any kind, which makes its products 100% biodegradable.

"When we were approached by the people at Floorganics, we were really excited," said Full Media President, Davis White. "We could tell immediately that this was a product people would want, and we knew that the internet was the way to market it."

Floorganics first hired Full Media to develop an engaging web presence that could communicate the advantages of Floorganics' products, while also giving customers the ability to purchase those products through the website. They then engaged Full Media in an ongoing internet marketing and search engine optimization strategy that is intended to drive those consumers already looking for environmentally friendly products back to the Floorganics website.

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