Full Media Hosts Drive to Support Local Humane Societies

Humane Society DriveFull Media recently opened its doors to more than just team members! On Friday, June 26, each of the company’s four office locations hosted Bring Your Pet to Work Day as part of their June Quarterly Day of Service. In its first year, the holiday was created to encourage adoptions from local shelters and humane societies and will coincide with a drive to collect toys and supplies for a local humane society in each city.

Beneficiaries include the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia, the Greenville Humane Society, the Atlanta Humane Society and the Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga.

Full Media’s core purpose is to impact the world positively, and Quarterly Days of Service are just one way the team re-invests in the local communities where they live and work. Each quarter, all four offices participate in a day of service by volunteering with local organizations.

Full Media CEO Kris Nordholz said, “Our Quarterly Days of Service are just one way we feel like our team can give back as a group. Now that we have close to 40 team members, we are able to have a significant impact on non-profits that are doing great work throughout our communities.”

He added that the time and money they are able to invest in these organizations is important, but the Days of Service also help team members learn more about community organizations. In turn, they may find an organization that they want to contribute more of their individual time or money to, while also advocating to their spheres of influence on behalf of the organizations Full Media serves. Because Full Media has many team members that are pet owners and animal lovers, working with local humane societies is a meaningful cause.

As a company that serves many local businesses, Full Media is committed to strengthening the partnerships that help communities thrive. Any local business or organization who would like to contribute to the drive is invited to contact Full Media via their website at www.fullmedia.com .

Pictures of the day’s events are posted on the company’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/FullMedia.