Full Media Hires Lauren Pickens

As they continue to expand the level of service and expertise they offer clients, Atlanta SEO company Full Media is proud to announce the addition of Lauren Pickens to its internet marketing team. "Lauren brings a wealth of internet marketing experience to the table," explained Full Media President, Davis White. "She has an extensive background in paid search and online advertising, having managed pay per click and banner and tile ad campaigns for companies of all sizes. We are incredibly excited about Lauren joining Full Media's internet marketing department."

Full Media is a web design and internet marketing company focused on helping its clients use the web as a means for driving more revenue, while also bringing customer service to an industry desperately in need of it. “Walking our clients through an effective internet marketing process has proven to be the best way to ensure that they maximize the return they see from their online investment," White continued. "Having people like Lauren, who not only understand internet marketing but who also understand how to solve problems, think strategically and manage relationships is crucial to adding long term value for our clients.”