Full Media hires Anthony Defoor

Looking to expand its capabilities as a leading Atlanta web development company, Full Media recently hired Anthony Defoor to join its programming and software development team. With years of experience engineering web based software and content management tools, Anthony has allowed Full Media to enhance their customer service capabilities, while also improving the overall functionality of their entire suite of content management tools.

"When we hired Anthony, we explained to him that our programming team basically has two objectives," Full Media CEO, Kris Nordholz, said. "First, we want to build our clients’ websites with content management systems that offer our clients more functionality, more control over their own website and that are so easy to use that in less than an hour we can train someone with no technical skills how to use them. The second objective is that we want to build these websites in a way that our clients have the type of positive experience working with us that they never imagined possible with a web company. Anthony's technical skills made him a perfect fit for objective #1. But it is who he is as a person, his commitment to serve others and the fact that he is the rare technical person that can explain things in layman's terms that made him the right fit for objective #2. And it is his ability to deliver on objective #2 that made Anthony the guy we wanted at Full Media. It is finding people that are the right fit for objective #2 that will enable us to continue as a top Atlanta web development company."