CLIENT NEWS: Southern View Energy

Southern View Energy and Jackson EMC combine to bring solar energy to more homes

GAINESVILLE, GA -- Renewable solar energy has become a viable option for powering homes and businesses throughout northeast Georgia thanks to Southern View Energy.

Now, Southern View Energy has joined forces with Jackson Electrical Membership Corporation to bring the option of a clean, renewable energy source to even more outlets.

Founded in 2008, Southern View Energy has made a name for itself providing solar panel installations in residential, commercial and agricultural ventures.

Recently, Southern View Energy joined forces with Jackson EMC to act as contractor for their clients who wish to invest in solar energy. This partnership led to the first-ever solar-powered homeowners through Jackson EMC in a construction project Southern View Energy recently completed in Gainesville, GA.

“We planned for a solar home from the beginning. We wanted to live efficiently and use our resources wisely,” said the homeowners, who wish to remain anonymous.

Although the initial investment in solar photovoltaic (PV) panels is expensive, federal and state tax credits help offset some of the costs. In addition, Jackson EMC offers a Sun Power rebate to members who install a solar water heater or solar PV panels on their home. The savings in electricity costs add up over time, and any extra electricity goes back to the power grid.

“Our Sun Power program is an incentive for members to invest in renewable energy,” said Amy Bryan, JEMC residential marketing director. Because solar power is a fairly new technology in Georgia, there are only a few qualified technicians who can install solar power and solar water heating systems – including Southern View Energy, which meets high performance standards. A solar panel collects energy from the sun, producing direct current energy. The electricity flows in one direction, straight to the inverter box on the side of the home. The electricity is converted into alternating current (AC) power and the AC current flows multiple directions within the home or is sent back to the power grid. To learn more about solar energy and to learn what Southern View Energy can do to make your home a more efficient consumer of energy, visit the Southern View Energy website.