Win a Free Website for your Business

Small to midsized businesses can enter to win a free ReadySite plus one year of hosting and support by filling out a simple form. Any small to midsized business based in the United States is eligible. Signing up is easy - just make sure you do it before May 1st, 2017.
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A little of that human touch – using the power of testimonials to improve conversions

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Website Performance Optimization - Part 4: Minification & More

In the last article in our series on website performance optimization we discussed image compression. We are going to continue discussing the idea of compression with the topic of JS and CSS Minification.
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ADA Compliance for Websites

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Website Performance Optimization - Part 3: Images

In the first part of this series we discussed a few reasons why speeding up your website is important. In part two we covered developer tools and resources that can help identify improvement opportunities. Now we are going to discuss image compression and how this impacts overall website performance.
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