A Letter From the CEO: An 8 Year Reflection

Dear Friends,

It is with a lot of gratitude and humility that Full Media celebrated its 8th anniversary on Friday April 1, 2016! We've done a lot over the past eight years, hopefully more good than bad, and we've learned a lot as well. Mainly, we've learned how much we don't know. But we’ve heard that realization is the key to continued growth. In reflecting on 8 years, here are a few things we wanted to share:


Kris Nordholz

Chief Executive Officer
As CEO of Full Media, Kris brings vast experience rarely seen in the field of Internet marketing. Prior to spending five years as an executive in the Internet marketing industry, Kris spent the early part of his career in venture capital, investment banking and private sector operations. With his background in corporate finance, operations, marketing and project management, Kris has helped create a culture focused on consistently delivering the highest quality products and an exceptional experience for an affordable price to all Full Media clients.