5 Lessons from 90's TV Shows About Building a New Website for Your Business

Weren’t the 90’s a great time for TV? You’d gather the family in the living room, turn to your favorite channel and then watch as all of life’s problems were wrapped up in 30 minutes or less. Unlike our favorite TV shows and sitcoms, building a website for your business can be a little more complicated. We’re past the 90’s, and today, no business should be without a website. But, we know that building a website can be a big hurdle for startups and smaller companies. Here are Full Media’s five tips for building your new website.


1) Being Mobile-Friendly is Crucial

Everyone remembers Saved by the Bell’s Zach Morris and his iconic, brick-like cell phone. Press fast forward on your VCR and now it’s 2016, a time when everyone has a cell phone and uses it daily to browse the internet. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it’s likely that you’re losing out on A LOT of potential customers. One great way to see how your website stacks up against Google’s mobile-friendly standards is to use their free online test.

Pro Tip: Google’s algorithm actually prioritizes websites on mobile devices that are mobile friendly. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re probably not showing up to smartphone users.

2) You HAVE to Optimize for Search Engines

Just like Jessica Fletcher was always in search of the next big clue in Murder She Wrote, your customers are searching online for new products and services every day. If you aren’t doing SEO, either on your own or with an Internet Marketing agency, then you can’t expect to ever solve the mystery of the missing customers!

Pro Tip: Many of the “free website builders” on the market today don’t incorporate search engine optimization best practices. That’s where a lot of these tools end up failing small businesses.

3) Websites Don't Have to Cost a Fortune

As a small business owner, you can often feel like the “Fresh Prince” in the online world of “Bel Air.” You need a website that is fit for Uncle Phil, but on a budget that even Will could afford. For many small businesses owners, working with a professional web design company feels out of reach. While it’s true that working with some design agencies might be out of the budget for your company, there are web design services that exclusively cater to the needs and the budgets of small and mid-sized businesses.

4) You're Going to Need Ongoing Support

After your website launches, it’s inevitable that you’ll need help with something. But as a business owner, you should be spending time on your core services, not on website maintenance. Much like all your favorite characters from Friends, you should only work with a web design company that has a “we’ll be there for you” support policy!

Pro Tip: Many of the major “DIY website builders” offer little to no ongoing support from an actual person. Most companies maintain an online help site that gives general explanations for fixing common problems, not always how to fix your specific problem.

5) Find a CMS That You're Comfortable Using

How often do you expect to need to update your website? Some web platforms will require you to pay someone else to make even simple updates to your website. “How rude!” If you don’t want to pay for every edit, ensure your new website includes a user-friendly CMS, or content management system. A CMS is an interface that allows you to take control and easily add content and make changes to your own website. Always be sure that your website is being built on a platform that you, or someone at your business, feels comfortable working with – otherwise, as Michelle from Full House would say, “you’re in big trouble mister!”

Ready to Build a New Website for Your Business?

If your business’ website still looks like something from the 90's and you’re ready to build a new website, be sure to check out ReadySites by Full Media. Full Media’s goal is to provide businesses with access to affordable, mobile friendly websites that are easy to manage. Our ReadySites include ongoing support from our in-house team. If you have questions or would like more information about ReadySites, please contact Full Media.  


Internet Marketing Analyst
Tobey Hill serves as an Internet Marketing Analyst in the company’s Chattanooga office. Tobey graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelor of Science. Over the past few years, he has worked in real estate and law enforcement within positions that demanded a high degree of customer service, team collaboration and data analysis. In his free time, Tobey loves building sets and acting with community musical theater groups, attending fundraising and community engagement activities, and spending time with his two miniature dachshunds, Abbey and Daisy.